'Aurelians' 20 x 23 Giclée Prints

Aurelians by @jamesjeanart is a signed and numbered time-limited edition of giclée prints. The term Aurelian refers to someone who is interested in butterflies. It also refers to Aurelian, the Roman Emperor from 270 - 275 AD, who ascended to the throne through the military from humble beginnings. Therefore, the use of the term may come from the idea that great things can emerge from lowly or modest sources, like how the butterfly emerges from a chrysalis after beginning life as a caterpillar. The etymology of Aurelian is also related to aureolus, which means golden, or golden in nature. So, the three young girls in Aurelians are surrounded by a yellow  summer sky punctuated by golden daytime stars. They chase butterflies as part of a childhood ritual, the summers fleeting and fading away as they transform into adults. This particular species of butterfly was called the Painted Lady.

-Image size: 17-1/2″ tall × 21″ wide

-Paper size: 20-1/2″ tall × 23-1/2″ wide

-Multiple silkscreened elements including diamond dust

-Multiple dimensional details within the image

-Holographic and metallic gold enhancements

-Intricately detailed dimensional chop

-Signed and numbered by James Jean

-Release date: July 9, 2019


Men's Sweatshirts
Sizes Width (IN) Length (IN) Sleeve Center Back (IN)
S 19.25 27 33.5
M 21.25 28 34.5
L 23.25 29 35.5
XL 25.25 30 36.5
2XL 27.25 31 37.5
3XL 29.25 32 38.5